Fascination Diversity

30 September 2017 – 5 August 2018
Special Anniversary Exhibition, Senckenberg Nature Museum Frankfurt, 2nd floor,


For 200 years, the Senckenberg Gesellschaft has studied the diversity of the living and inanimate nature. To this end, it collects and preserves biological and geological objects. There are approximately 40 million objects to date, and their number grows every year. On the occasion of the anniversary year of 2017, Senckenberg opens these extensive archives of nature, plants, animals, fungi, microorganisms, rocks, minerals and even meteorites. The special anniversary exhibition shows an impressive cross-section of this diversity, the “geobiodiversity.” Approximately 6,000 objects – from tiny beetles to the Okapi, from rare plants to exceptional fossils – can be admired in a tightly packed display case measuring 15 meters wide and 4 meters high. In addition, visitors can explore a wide variety of ecosystems, from the Mariana Trench in the deep sea to Mount Everest.