Geobiodiversity – An Integrative Approach Expanding Humboldt’s Vision

1 – 3 October 2017
Senckenberg Research Institute and Nature Museum, Frankfurt

The various components of the “Earth System” are connected in a multitude of ways and mutually influence each other. For example, today’s biodiversity depends, among others, on past as well as current geological, climatic and ecological events – and, in turn, has its own impact on these events. In addition, by now, man influences the earth system to a much greater extent than any species before him. Thus, for us to understand the entire system, it is not sufficient to simply consider its individual components independent of each other.

This type of integrative, systematic approach was already applied by Alexander von Humboldt – at a time when the

Senckenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft was just in the process of being founded. Taking up and expanding on Humboldt’s vision, this conference aims at an interdisciplinary exchange and in the process will cover questions of fundamental importance for our present and future society.

On Tuesday, October at 7 PM,

in the context of the conference you are invited to a public presentation in the new auditorium of the Senckenberg Research Institute and the Nature Museum in Frankfurt. Information about the speakers and presentation topics can be found on our website at: